Here's what people like you are saying about Kundalini Yoga Stratford:

"The mental strength, focus, clarity and calm I am developing in kundalini yoga class is having a profound positive affect on my every day life!"

"I love singing... but doing it in a choir or an audience with others is so scary. I love opening my heart with my eyes closed, and just pouring out all the juicy joy that's been bubbling up after 90 minutes of challenging physical and mental activity. Claire and Ayrin make everything so comfortable - and when they giggle at the absurdity of some of the stuff we're doing, well... I'm just that much more committed. Keeping it light!"

"Kundalini makes me feel alive. I feel full and open but also light at the same time. I have the most clarity when I'm doing Kundalini. It's hard to pinpoint exactly how kundalini makes me feel because you experience it differently each class. Depending on the kriya, the time of day, how you are feeling that day--it's always different. It is the variability of the classes that I enjoy so much. You never know what's coming."

"Kundalini deepens the connection to the roots of our true nature and lifts us up to connect with the vastness of our spirit, balanced through the lyrical interweaving of sound, music, and movement. It's a beautiful practice led by two skilled and caring instructors."

"I love the empowering, euphoric use of voice, the active elements of meditation and the fascinating thoughtfulness behind all kriyas."

"I love the beautiful, intimate space at TSW and the empowering energy I feel when breathing, moving and chanting with others."

"I find it grounding.  It boosts my nervous system.  I love that it connects me to my best self."