• Sukhbir (Claire Lautier)

Return to Sweetness

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Have you ever consecrated an entire week to pure pleasure?

To glorifying the sacred within you?

Have you ever given yourself permission to take exquisite care of yourself, to anoint and adore your body, to flow with your natural rhythms and to deeply listen to your inner voice – for 7 days in a row? Could you imagine engaging in such rituals for a week, for a month, or even longer? … For your life? If you’re like most women, you probably can’t even read those words without feeling a little bit guilty at the mere idea. It seems so indulgent, so frivolous and vain to take that kind of time for ourselves. We may have been told it’s selfish to even consider such a thing, especially with a family to look after, a household, a job and responsibilities. And what about all the suffering in the world? What about climate change? How can we justify pure pleasure in the current state of affairs? Shouldn’t we be ashamed to be so focused on ourselves?

Women: we’ve got it all backwards.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love. And it starts with us. There’s nowhere else it can originate. It’s time to PRIORITIZE the sweetness of pleasure. Because engaging in pleasure – which I’m going to define as 'consciously cherishing yourself and your body as a vessel for the Divine' – is the doorway to what many of us have lost: access to our spiritual, creative and sexual power, which are one and the same.

It happened long ago. It’s been so long we’ve forgotten how, but the scar is still there. There’s no one to blame. It had to happen that way so that we could all learn, women and men, to value ourselves again. Because it’s so much sweeter to wake up after a long sleep, to remember who we are again after we had forgotten, to be reborn from the ashes, and to realize that She was there all along.

When we realize that we ourselves have internalized the fear of the Feminine that has dominated human consciousness for the last 2,500 years, and that we ourselves hold the key to our freedom, the awesome mystery and potential of our raw creative energy can finally be liberated. Imagine what we could do with all the power that has been locked up, frozen and numbed inside our bodies, if it were to move into flow again?

It’s happening now. A doorway has opened for liberation from thousands of years of deeply ingrained programs of shame, guilt and fear around our power. Persephone is returning from the underworld. But she is not an angry, avenging goddess. She is the sweetness of spring, the essence of deepest forgiveness – of ourselves first – and of owning our power. She reminds us that we are the creators of life, and that we have the capacity to birth our heart’s desires through the vessel of our bodies, into our reality. This reawakening to spring within ourselves emanates from a centre point of such sweetness, such gentleness, such tender love and gratitude for being born a woman, that it becomes a healing balm for your soul, for your life, and for the whole world. We are all Persephone.

We can be reborn. We can learn to inhabit our bodies once again as sacred vessels that connect us directly to Divine Power. The key is allowing ourselves pleasure, free from guilt, free from shame.

In September, at Chateau Marcoux in southwestern France, we will indulge – yes, indulge – in seven days of pure Sweetness. A week of exquisite self-care designed to nourish and reawaken the Goddess within: ample time for relaxation and contemplation, delicious, organic meals, beautifully arranged and served, communion with Nature, pampering in the form of massage and self-anointing, kundalini yoga, meditation and fun creative play, and rituals that reconnect body to soul. This celebration takes place against the backdrop of glorious Marcoux, a picturesque hilltop bastide with panoramic views of the heavenly pastoral countryside, an atmosphere of harmony and delight ideally conducive for the experience of pure pleasure.

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