• Sukhbir (Claire Lautier)

Real change is cellular, not intellectual.

We're all looking to become the best version of ourselves. This impulse toward some kind of deeper fulfillment is evolutionary. Ridding yourself of a destructive habit or addiction, dismantling a distorted internal program, and building intimacy with yourself -- these require a decision at the intellectual level first. We have to decide we want to change, and this creates a field of potential where change can occur, coincidences can happen, the Universe can respond to our resonance and set us on the path of transformation.

But then what?

How many times over the years have you tried to change a pattern and found that it persists? If you're like most people, you can identify with that experience. It can be discouraging, because we know we need to change, we have the desire to change, and yet true change still feels somehow out of reach. We doubt ourselves, and our ability to change. This is insidious.

A realization or insight on the level of the mind is only the beginning of a process. It must penetrate into the flesh. If you want to change something, you have to change it in your cells. An intellectual framework of understanding is important, but nearly useless if it isn't anchored in the body. How do we do this?

All our experiences and programs are stored in the body at the cellular level, and not just from this lifetime. There's a lot of stuff in there, kind of like an old storage locker full of junk we don't want to deal with, and most of which we can't even remember. What happens is that we have an unpleasant/difficult/traumatic experience at some point in life, but we don't have the tools or spiritual awareness to process it completely on the conscious level. It produces a 'cloud' of mental/emotional energy tied to a belief about reality (which is usually not the Truth), and that stuff gets stored away somewhere in this electromagnetic field of energy that creates and interacts with our physical form. And because at the quantum level we are composed of photons (science says so, not just seers and yogis), and information is carried on light waves, it stands to reason that our cells are programmable, just like crystals and computer chips.

Currently, our cells are programmed by the sum total of our beliefs about reality based on the sum total of all experiences from all lifetimes across all space-time and the different dimensions, including all the baggage we carry through our bloodlines (some people also call this karma). All of this is determining our reality at every moment. Gee, that's not overwhelming, is it? Those programs are running us, to a great degree unconsciously, and unless we discover that and de-program ourselves at the cellular level, we just stay stuck in old patterns, no matter how much we want to change, or how much we 'understand' ourselves. The mind isn't capable of undoing this knot.

Nobody taught us how to do this -- we didn't learn this stuff in school, when actually these are the most important teachings for humanity. But the teachings ARE available, and they are practical, and they work. Once you start learning about Universal Law in the yogic sense, you'll see it in operation everywhere you look, and in your own life, of course. And once you start applying it to yourself, and using very simple tools to deprogram your cells from the false and limiting beliefs about yourself and reality, you will start to realize that YOU are the Creator.

Frank Bach, a great teacher of mine and a beautiful soul, always says that you have to 'feel a change in the tissue'. The tissue: the vibrating light intelligence that composes the atoms, that compose the cells, that compose the pulsating flesh of your being, responds and shifts and organises itself according to your consciousness. It is malleable and changeable.

In Kundalini Yoga classes, we work on opening and strengthening the subtle channels, the nervous and the glandular systems of the body, so that it can gradually handle more of the energy of awareness that is (mostly) dormant inside it. This is the kundalini energy we always talk about, your spiritual potential. Practiced regularly and with conscious intention, kundalini kriyas are very effective and beneficial in supporting change. Your practice of Kundalini Yoga is most beneficial to you, your loved ones and the world, when it is in conscious conjunction with your application of Universal Law to yourself and your creation. Your framework of understanding, combined with a strong practice and the application of simple techniques you can learn through a deeper engagement with Kundalini Yoga science and philosophy, can create the conditions for true change to occur. And you'll know it. You'll feel it in your cells.

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